Barking With Curiosity (FAQs)

What is the shelf life of your gourmet dog treats and how should they be stored?
Our products are made with the freshest and finest ingredients we can find, and are best if used by the best before date. Our treats are shelf stable for up to one year, stored loosely packed in an air tight container.

Our perishable cakes and cupcakes are special "on occasion" treats so they should be consumed within a few days of receipt even if refrigerated. Alternatively, they can also be frozen as they thaw very well and quickly and instructions are always included which goes over their specific storage requirements.

Are there preservatives in your treats?
There are no preservatives in any of our treats. We bake all our products with the highest quality, wholesome, human-grade ingredients that are healthy for your dog. The way we ensure their shelf life is with moisture, like dehydrated foods or jerky.

Is there any wheat, corn or soy in your treats?
Nope! All of our treats are free of wheat, corn and soy. Oh, and they're even gluten free!

Are all the ingredients used in your treats safe for dogs?
Absolutely, PAWsitively, 100%. We never use any ingredients that are harmful to dogs. All of our ingredients are carefully selected and that's our promise to you.

Where do you ship and what are the rates?
We ship anywhere in the USA.
**Here's the breakdown**: 
-Orders up to $24.00USD before taxes are a flat fee of $12.00USD
-Orders from $24.01USD to $249.99USD before taxes are a flat fee of $16.00USD
-Orders of $250.00USD and up have FREE SHIPPING! 

When will my fur children receive their goodies?
Once your order is placed, we try to have them shipped within 5 business days from the day the order is placed; however, this will also vary heavily based on location, order volume/stock levels and the courier's approach as far as lead time and/or time in transit. Our preferred courier is UPS.

Do you give out free samples?
Unfortunately, we do not provide free samples and this is due to the fact that our goodies are made with natural, organic, and wholesome ingredients that cost an arm and a leg (Or a front and back paw!)

Can your perishable items be sent out internationally?
Our perishable items can be sent out within the USA without issue.